Stitches from my Studio

Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday studio withdrawal

I have a little holiday coming up - 10 days without children and I am going to spend it with my husband. He will be working during the week so I was thinking I needed to take something with me to do. So I am sorting through some things in my studio and trying to decide what to take. I confess I truly am demented, do I really need glitter and glue, paper scraps and stamps? etc..... Already my hands are feeling itchy thinking about not having my stuff nearby, and its not like I get to it that often.
I do have a crochet shawl I want to work on, maybe that will do. A few good books.
Can you imagine how I will be with my studio packed up for over a month while it is in the container.
Now I have to choose something I am going to work on today from this pile I just sorted through.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

guilty pleasures shopping expedition

I went out to buy some rub ons and came back with a lot more. Added to my collection are some acrylic paints, some lovely new stamps and a vintage sepia stamp pad, buttons, brads and graphite pencils.
I am in love with a very soft turquoise colour and burnt umber at the moment so these are featuring a lot in my work.
I have to finish some things before I start on something else though. I promised myself.
Maybe I could sneak into my studio while the baby is sleeping....
I just found a button to insert a link! I know it comes slowly to me the technical stuff.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

High Priestess Card

This is a pic of a Personal High Priestess Card I made for a friend who has psychic talents. It represents her work. I printed an image onto script paper, drew around her with my oil pastels and added the words. The back is phrases pasted onto a scrapbooking card which has lovely textures and then a little pastel drawing around it. Glued together to make a card.
I am using a lot of ink today, printing out images with my laser printer, overprinting to make collage pieces. I have a nice little pile of goodies to work with now, even if I am not sure what I am doing with them yet.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Enigmatic Lady Collage

A little collage I did. I laser printed the lady image onto scrapbooking card which had this lovely textured bit on the bottom. I then add the trim to the top and bottom, hot glued the diamantees and the flower and then pasted on the word. I found a shadow box to put her in.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Japanese Papers Coptic Stitch Book

I have a lovely stack of finished books. Each one is individual, some have little charms on the button closing that I made. And finally some photos.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Getting regular studio time

and finishing projects is my aim for the next 12 weeks until we move to NZ.
.........finish A6 Japanese Paper Journals - with charms made by me.
Finish the Angel mosaic - yes I am putting a time frame on it.
Make Gretels nightie and maybe a dress for Poppy.
Make more prototypes for New Geisha soft cover book.
Ok so maybe that would give me time to do just one or two more collage peices.
Is that a big list? It seems like a lot and yet not. I could finish that amount of work if I focused instead of getting distracted into new things all the time. I just have to make the most of my studio time and not waste it doing chores.
Oh and take photos and post them.
Better go do something then.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In the middle of it

That is where I am right now. As usual not concentrating on one thing at a time. I just finished a beautiful collage and am in the process of completing two more. So my worktables are absolutely covered in stuff; for example; beads and buttons, oil pastels and paint, stamps, stencils, wax seals, old old books (lovely yellowed pages) laces and ribbons, braids and trims, fabric, Japanese papers and tools, computer, printer, sewing machine, guillotine and press, brushes and glue.
Now I don't actually have enough room to put something together.

Projects I would like to get too and I will tell somebody to make me more accountable are:

'If these walls could talk' free project from cloth paper scissors. Its a standing collage house constructed with canvas, card and paper, sewn and glued together.

Dollies from free Dollie project.

Cloth embroidered book covers inspired by a project over at Rebecca sowers

and of course now some lovely Japanese Paper books for my lovely friend Kristy.

and I really should finish that Byzantine Mosaic Art Angel.....

I promise myself I will post photos soon. I need to add photography and working the gizmo's to my list of things to do or find someone to do it for me preferably.

Off to create.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Art Manifestation

It occurs to me that I could combine two things I am passionate about - Art and Energy. After all I like the sort of art that is a manifestation in progress, yes I am talking about collage. So I am diving into this new world to watch my images evolve through a process of layering and using a variety of techniques to arrive with a finished piece of art. So I will be painting, printing, stamping, stencilling, sewing, gilding - whatever it takes. Perfect for the person who can't concentrate on one thing at a time.
Speaking of manifesting......I have always wanted a studio separate from the house and set into my beautiful garden, cottage flowers and a potager, with big french doors to let the sun in and lovely Jasmine vines and climbing roses scent the courtyard where I can sit and drink my tea or paint while I watch the birds play in the fountain.
Inside the studio is a daybed, and a little kitchenette so I can wash out my brushes and make tea. And space to create.
So I am manifesting this vision to add to what I already know about the future and look forward to it being a part of my life.
today I am choosing Art to manifest.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Topsy Turvy World

Lots has been happening. My husband has a new job in a different country - we are moving again. I often say my husband reaches for the sky so much he has no roots and I am a woman who loves to get my hands in the dirt and I am unable to nurture my roots. I have mixed emotions about it all. He will go on ahead and we will join him in a few months after the school year finishes and we have one last Christmas here in Australia with the family. NZ was home as I am a kiwi but doesn't feel like home anymore, neither does anywhere I have lived here. My family is home. It is a really good prosperous opportunity for our family and I do believe things happen for a reason so one day I will know what it is. Its funny I never thought I would actually go back to live.
Since he will be away and I am fending for myself and the children I have increased my children's day care hours. I am starting to feel saner and wondering the big question, what about me and what I really want to do with my life. Most of the time I don't have time to even think about it. I don't have to work and can pursue interests. Do I want to go to Art school just for fun or do a double major in English and ancient history? Funny how life changes direction or not so funny but if you are married to my husband you have to be prepared for the impermanence of things.
We had to find a new home for our lovely German Shepard puppy, she was already 9 months old, so beautiful and well trained. And I am oddly attached to our fish, I know you can't pat them but I have watched them grow over the years.
Because I have free time I have actually been in my studio. Decided it was time to do some work on my lovely angel mosaic, and then got interested in sewing but the machine kept breaking down, bought a new looking forward to some cute kids stuff and I made some paper dresses inspired by the dress up project at Alice and Camilla.
Is it artistic license to not finish something before you start the next thing? I was supposed to be bookbinding and I have some projects I am in the middle of but cast my interest in a different direction!
Anyway its late and I am tired. but I will post some photos soon. And hopefully with all this free time I can be here more often.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hitting a Wall

My studio door has been closed for too long. I think the kids have been in there more often than me. I have had weeks of broken sleep and cannot find the energy for anything creative. I had to break the silence but really I have nothing to offer except more silence.
For now.
Pray for change and motivation.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Being an Artistic Mother

Being an Artistic Mother is often challenging, especially when you have a Thomas train track making its way into your studio with the three year old not far behind driving his train. Its hard with constant interruptions and turning around to find your baby eating paper from the floor - perhaps proof that love of paper starts early.
You have to learn to make the most of your five minutes and be able to pick up where you were forced to leave off. Some nights I feel like crawling into bed after the kids but always feel better if I can get into my studio.
The other thing is - you are on your own, I don't know any other artistic mothers where I live. So I rely on the online community of mothers trying to balance both loves.
ok see thats what I am talking about - now I have to go and fix a booboo.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Collage Diversion - Short Terms Goals List

Inspired by Shona Coles Project "Backgrounds and Lists", I took a break from bookbinding and made this collage piece.

I have printed a copyright free empherma piece onto a canvas sheet which I then put back into the printer and overprinted my short terms goals list. I then collaged this piece with stick on lace, buttons and cross-stitching in linen thread up the side. I hand-stitched a casing to thread a chopstick through.

I have also completed a Vision Statement and Long terms Goals List which I will post later.

I love working in my studio first thing in the morning. I get the best light and warm sunshine.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

What Katy Did Next.....

What Katy Did Next - Collage, mixed media book art.
A refillable pages notebook, just for me to write my notes in.
I printed copies of the cover and inside pages of this book to construct my own book case. My label, 'Hand Stitched Books' runs inside and outside the spine.
I have added a peice of lace to the outside cover for further texture.

A childhood favourite was the inspiration for this notebook. I took a slight detour from finishing some other projects to quickly make this up so I would have somewhere meaningful and nice to write my notes in.
I will be using this design to make a photo album. I just have to dream something up. Watch this space.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Robert Browning deconstructed in Stitches

A wonderful old Robert Browning Poetry book was the inspiration for these little miniature books.
I tore pages from the books and wrapped each section in them, I then used the pages for collage work on the books, the titles, spines and inside the covers.
Each book is made up in a different stitch to showcase a few wonderful stitches.
From Left to right:
1. Long stitch with chain stitch
2. Long stitch over tape
3. Coptic binding
4. French stitch over tapes and
5. Case-bound.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Workshop Projects

I think I am guilty of doing more than one thing at a time. Take my studio for instance, in progress and ongoing for quite some time is my beautiful Angel mosaic, I have quite a few bookcovers made up but have not yet finished them and just as importantly I am designing workshops as the mood takes me. Have quite a few in mind and I need to make up a project for each one of them, so I am in the process of collecting materials. Also, I am almost finished a beautiful crochet blanket I made for my baby girl.

It sounds like a lot but its all part of the process of coming together. Just watch me tick the jobs off my to do list.

Back to work, so I can post finished projects.


ps: this is my first child free studio day, so I am hoping to be productive. I am enjoying the creative process and not being interupted by cries of "mummy". A little guilty YAY from me.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Behind the scenes

I havn't posted for so long because there has a lot been going on behind the scenes. I can promise you, myself and whoevers listening that I will have time to post some photos and some works in progress. My son started kindy, my baby will also go one day a week and I will be Free As A Bird.
I have many long lists to get through. Practical things like ordering materials and then studio work, making books, painting and doing a couple of mixed media projects. I am going to expand on my teaching, adding some different classes/workshops and in different settings.
I wanted to say something about why I love mixed media. It encapasses all of my likes and talents, sewing, book-binding, painting, collage work, poetry, book-art. I just love playing with paper and textures and images and then turning them into art.
Well I must get to that List.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Room of my own

As any mother of three young children would know this is big news. My 6yr old agreed that I could 'share' her room to set up a studio as she prefers to sleep with her brother in the bunk beds anyway. So we moved her things out and in with the baby and now I have a room.
Herself an artist, she says we can be like twins and she can have a chair and sit beside me and make her art. I am already thinking of some projects I would like to do using her art so its fine by me. Actually, since I have set up my studio I often find 1, 2 or 3 little ones at my feet. Unless they are asleep or not here there is no escaping. Still, it doesn't take away from the joy of having somewhere where all of my stuff is and a table I don't have to pack up.
I have been binding books all week using some beautiful Japanese papers. It has been a while for me but its amazing what your hands remember and now that I have started working how many creative ideas are coming to me.
Now I still need to learn how to make my blog work, put photos up etc. The fairies that come to my house to clean, cook, make lunches and do laundry are all called "ME" so its challenging to find the time. Speaking of which.....must go.