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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Art Manifestation

It occurs to me that I could combine two things I am passionate about - Art and Energy. After all I like the sort of art that is a manifestation in progress, yes I am talking about collage. So I am diving into this new world to watch my images evolve through a process of layering and using a variety of techniques to arrive with a finished piece of art. So I will be painting, printing, stamping, stencilling, sewing, gilding - whatever it takes. Perfect for the person who can't concentrate on one thing at a time.
Speaking of manifesting......I have always wanted a studio separate from the house and set into my beautiful garden, cottage flowers and a potager, with big french doors to let the sun in and lovely Jasmine vines and climbing roses scent the courtyard where I can sit and drink my tea or paint while I watch the birds play in the fountain.
Inside the studio is a daybed, and a little kitchenette so I can wash out my brushes and make tea. And space to create.
So I am manifesting this vision to add to what I already know about the future and look forward to it being a part of my life.
today I am choosing Art to manifest.

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