Stitches from my Studio

Monday, May 31, 2010

Collage Diversion - Short Terms Goals List

Inspired by Shona Coles Project "Backgrounds and Lists", I took a break from bookbinding and made this collage piece.

I have printed a copyright free empherma piece onto a canvas sheet which I then put back into the printer and overprinted my short terms goals list. I then collaged this piece with stick on lace, buttons and cross-stitching in linen thread up the side. I hand-stitched a casing to thread a chopstick through.

I have also completed a Vision Statement and Long terms Goals List which I will post later.

I love working in my studio first thing in the morning. I get the best light and warm sunshine.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

What Katy Did Next.....

What Katy Did Next - Collage, mixed media book art.
A refillable pages notebook, just for me to write my notes in.
I printed copies of the cover and inside pages of this book to construct my own book case. My label, 'Hand Stitched Books' runs inside and outside the spine.
I have added a peice of lace to the outside cover for further texture.

A childhood favourite was the inspiration for this notebook. I took a slight detour from finishing some other projects to quickly make this up so I would have somewhere meaningful and nice to write my notes in.
I will be using this design to make a photo album. I just have to dream something up. Watch this space.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Robert Browning deconstructed in Stitches

A wonderful old Robert Browning Poetry book was the inspiration for these little miniature books.
I tore pages from the books and wrapped each section in them, I then used the pages for collage work on the books, the titles, spines and inside the covers.
Each book is made up in a different stitch to showcase a few wonderful stitches.
From Left to right:
1. Long stitch with chain stitch
2. Long stitch over tape
3. Coptic binding
4. French stitch over tapes and
5. Case-bound.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Workshop Projects

I think I am guilty of doing more than one thing at a time. Take my studio for instance, in progress and ongoing for quite some time is my beautiful Angel mosaic, I have quite a few bookcovers made up but have not yet finished them and just as importantly I am designing workshops as the mood takes me. Have quite a few in mind and I need to make up a project for each one of them, so I am in the process of collecting materials. Also, I am almost finished a beautiful crochet blanket I made for my baby girl.

It sounds like a lot but its all part of the process of coming together. Just watch me tick the jobs off my to do list.

Back to work, so I can post finished projects.


ps: this is my first child free studio day, so I am hoping to be productive. I am enjoying the creative process and not being interupted by cries of "mummy". A little guilty YAY from me.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Behind the scenes

I havn't posted for so long because there has a lot been going on behind the scenes. I can promise you, myself and whoevers listening that I will have time to post some photos and some works in progress. My son started kindy, my baby will also go one day a week and I will be Free As A Bird.
I have many long lists to get through. Practical things like ordering materials and then studio work, making books, painting and doing a couple of mixed media projects. I am going to expand on my teaching, adding some different classes/workshops and in different settings.
I wanted to say something about why I love mixed media. It encapasses all of my likes and talents, sewing, book-binding, painting, collage work, poetry, book-art. I just love playing with paper and textures and images and then turning them into art.
Well I must get to that List.