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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Behind the scenes

I havn't posted for so long because there has a lot been going on behind the scenes. I can promise you, myself and whoevers listening that I will have time to post some photos and some works in progress. My son started kindy, my baby will also go one day a week and I will be Free As A Bird.
I have many long lists to get through. Practical things like ordering materials and then studio work, making books, painting and doing a couple of mixed media projects. I am going to expand on my teaching, adding some different classes/workshops and in different settings.
I wanted to say something about why I love mixed media. It encapasses all of my likes and talents, sewing, book-binding, painting, collage work, poetry, book-art. I just love playing with paper and textures and images and then turning them into art.
Well I must get to that List.

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