Stitches from my Studio

Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday studio withdrawal

I have a little holiday coming up - 10 days without children and I am going to spend it with my husband. He will be working during the week so I was thinking I needed to take something with me to do. So I am sorting through some things in my studio and trying to decide what to take. I confess I truly am demented, do I really need glitter and glue, paper scraps and stamps? etc..... Already my hands are feeling itchy thinking about not having my stuff nearby, and its not like I get to it that often.
I do have a crochet shawl I want to work on, maybe that will do. A few good books.
Can you imagine how I will be with my studio packed up for over a month while it is in the container.
Now I have to choose something I am going to work on today from this pile I just sorted through.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

guilty pleasures shopping expedition

I went out to buy some rub ons and came back with a lot more. Added to my collection are some acrylic paints, some lovely new stamps and a vintage sepia stamp pad, buttons, brads and graphite pencils.
I am in love with a very soft turquoise colour and burnt umber at the moment so these are featuring a lot in my work.
I have to finish some things before I start on something else though. I promised myself.
Maybe I could sneak into my studio while the baby is sleeping....
I just found a button to insert a link! I know it comes slowly to me the technical stuff.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

High Priestess Card

This is a pic of a Personal High Priestess Card I made for a friend who has psychic talents. It represents her work. I printed an image onto script paper, drew around her with my oil pastels and added the words. The back is phrases pasted onto a scrapbooking card which has lovely textures and then a little pastel drawing around it. Glued together to make a card.
I am using a lot of ink today, printing out images with my laser printer, overprinting to make collage pieces. I have a nice little pile of goodies to work with now, even if I am not sure what I am doing with them yet.