Stitches from my Studio

Friday, January 28, 2011

Arrival Date for container

Finally our container will be shipped off soon and will arrive mid Feb.  I am craving the comfort of my things, squishy cushions and fur throws, the kids Xmas toys they haven't played with yet, but most of all my own space - my studio.  I have recently found an online store for scrap booking products and some things I can use for collage here in NZ.  With prices cheaper than Australia and a huge range I am spoilt for choice.
three weeks and counting!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

lost without my studio

spine of star book

star book

Our container has been delayed by one week, I am so lost without my studio.  I can't believe I had the creative block I had last year where I couldn't do anything.  I have been window shopping in my new hood.  Looking out for art and craft supplies.  I am surprised at the range at The Warehouse....things like big packs of artists brushes and canvases and lovely bead supplies.  I have a few art books to read and the Internet to surf but my hands are itchy.  Ooh I just had an idea, maybe I could get an artists pad and some pencils and practice drawing, its not something I usually do because I like to assemble and haven't had the patience to practice but with time and a minimum of supplies.  I think what I miss most is my pastels, getting my fingers dirty with smudging oils.  I almost feel sad not being with my stuff.

Its another beautiful perfect day in Auckland, not too hot and not too cold so we are taking the kids to the park.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Artistic Mother short term goals list project

I did this project a little while ago but never got around to posting it and I wanted to try out the new blogger posting app.  I know I am a little behind.  But anyway, I love that you can move pics around and change their sizes.
So this is how I made it.....I printed out onto a canvas photo sheet a piece of vintage ephemera from my stash and then printed my goals list onto it.  I then added the lace and some buttons and sewed a casing for the chopstick so I could hang it.
I have done most of the things on my list but also used creative licence to do some other things that took my fancy.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Beginnings

We have landed in NZ, in our new home minus our things which are still coming in the container. Somehow I missed New Year and all of the thoughts and resolutions that go with it so I am starting to think about it now. Today we got our internet connected again and I have been catching up on what my fellow bloggers have been up to.
So I have no studio until my things arrive. What to do? On that list is to read the manual that comes with the great new camera I got from Santa. Its practically foolproof which hopefully means I can take better photos for postings. I just took these pics really quickly and pushed some buttons not knowing what I was doing. This is a prayer card I made for a friend, my daughter Gretel really likes it and says he has love hearts because he is The Loved One, a great interpretation when I just added them for balance and I thought they loooked pretty. Funny how things turn out.
Also on that list, I promised myself I would fix my blog and yes I do have enough stock to open an etsy store as soon as that arrives, hopefully coinciding with my new found knowledge of how to work my blog and camera. I am opening a store to help motivate me to finish things as well as support my art habit. I am fortunate in that my job is really just to be a homemaker and I don't have to worry about earning money to support the family. Although I want my work to have value and recognition.
I am ever thankful for my friend Kristy who a little while ago helped me make a decision about what direction I wanted to take, since then my creativity has grown and my mind is brimming with ideas. I have been working on what I know the best, that is bookbinding and adding in my new love of mixed media collage.
I have some new books on the way from Amazon, one is the new Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle http://
I am not sure if I did that right, how do you make a word underlined that is a link to somewhere?? I wish I had someone that could show me how instead of the hard time I have trying to work it out. At least I have some time to spend doing it which I hadn't had before.
I am off to ponder on some New Year resolutions.