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Friday, October 29, 2010

Holiday studio withdrawal

I have a little holiday coming up - 10 days without children and I am going to spend it with my husband. He will be working during the week so I was thinking I needed to take something with me to do. So I am sorting through some things in my studio and trying to decide what to take. I confess I truly am demented, do I really need glitter and glue, paper scraps and stamps? etc..... Already my hands are feeling itchy thinking about not having my stuff nearby, and its not like I get to it that often.
I do have a crochet shawl I want to work on, maybe that will do. A few good books.
Can you imagine how I will be with my studio packed up for over a month while it is in the container.
Now I have to choose something I am going to work on today from this pile I just sorted through.

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  1. Hi Deb, thanks for visiting my blog. I didn't have an email for you to respond, so I am here :) You asked which blog course I did - well it was called 'Blogging Your Way' by Holly Becker at Decor8.
    I highly recommend it. I don't know when the next course will be, perhaps the spring? it is well worth the wait. hope that helps!