Stitches from my Studio

Monday, March 21, 2011

looking for inspiration

Finally after so many weeks of waiting I have my studio back, set up and ready for action but ...... I can't find the motivation.  I have tried carrying on with some projects I started a while ago but the vision is not there.  Its so frustrating after waiting for so long.
I have however been cooking and baking a lot lately which at least is creative.  Trying out some new things with my new bread machine, made apple cinnamon scrolls today, the trouble is eating too many and a big pot of vege soup, the kids love it and get their veges.
I am loving the rain here in NZ, it might sound crazy to some, its nice soft rain, I love the sound, the feel and the smell of it.
Today I got back on my treadmill, its a bit like getting back on the horse, it might not sound like much but I promised myself at least 10 mins but did 16 with a small incline and really enjoyed it.
I am sitting in my studio and even reviewed my short term goals list, at this stage in my apathy I can't believe I had so much I wanted to do I even made a list.  Maybe I should do some sewing and take a different direction for a bit.  Maybe I could do an online course in art journalling?
Don't know.
still like butterflies the most, maybe I will just cut some out.