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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Topsy Turvy World

Lots has been happening. My husband has a new job in a different country - we are moving again. I often say my husband reaches for the sky so much he has no roots and I am a woman who loves to get my hands in the dirt and I am unable to nurture my roots. I have mixed emotions about it all. He will go on ahead and we will join him in a few months after the school year finishes and we have one last Christmas here in Australia with the family. NZ was home as I am a kiwi but doesn't feel like home anymore, neither does anywhere I have lived here. My family is home. It is a really good prosperous opportunity for our family and I do believe things happen for a reason so one day I will know what it is. Its funny I never thought I would actually go back to live.
Since he will be away and I am fending for myself and the children I have increased my children's day care hours. I am starting to feel saner and wondering the big question, what about me and what I really want to do with my life. Most of the time I don't have time to even think about it. I don't have to work and can pursue interests. Do I want to go to Art school just for fun or do a double major in English and ancient history? Funny how life changes direction or not so funny but if you are married to my husband you have to be prepared for the impermanence of things.
We had to find a new home for our lovely German Shepard puppy, she was already 9 months old, so beautiful and well trained. And I am oddly attached to our fish, I know you can't pat them but I have watched them grow over the years.
Because I have free time I have actually been in my studio. Decided it was time to do some work on my lovely angel mosaic, and then got interested in sewing but the machine kept breaking down, bought a new looking forward to some cute kids stuff and I made some paper dresses inspired by the dress up project at Alice and Camilla.
Is it artistic license to not finish something before you start the next thing? I was supposed to be bookbinding and I have some projects I am in the middle of but cast my interest in a different direction!
Anyway its late and I am tired. but I will post some photos soon. And hopefully with all this free time I can be here more often.

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