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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Getting regular studio time

and finishing projects is my aim for the next 12 weeks until we move to NZ.
.........finish A6 Japanese Paper Journals - with charms made by me.
Finish the Angel mosaic - yes I am putting a time frame on it.
Make Gretels nightie and maybe a dress for Poppy.
Make more prototypes for New Geisha soft cover book.
Ok so maybe that would give me time to do just one or two more collage peices.
Is that a big list? It seems like a lot and yet not. I could finish that amount of work if I focused instead of getting distracted into new things all the time. I just have to make the most of my studio time and not waste it doing chores.
Oh and take photos and post them.
Better go do something then.

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