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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Beginnings

We have landed in NZ, in our new home minus our things which are still coming in the container. Somehow I missed New Year and all of the thoughts and resolutions that go with it so I am starting to think about it now. Today we got our internet connected again and I have been catching up on what my fellow bloggers have been up to.
So I have no studio until my things arrive. What to do? On that list is to read the manual that comes with the great new camera I got from Santa. Its practically foolproof which hopefully means I can take better photos for postings. I just took these pics really quickly and pushed some buttons not knowing what I was doing. This is a prayer card I made for a friend, my daughter Gretel really likes it and says he has love hearts because he is The Loved One, a great interpretation when I just added them for balance and I thought they loooked pretty. Funny how things turn out.
Also on that list, I promised myself I would fix my blog and yes I do have enough stock to open an etsy store as soon as that arrives, hopefully coinciding with my new found knowledge of how to work my blog and camera. I am opening a store to help motivate me to finish things as well as support my art habit. I am fortunate in that my job is really just to be a homemaker and I don't have to worry about earning money to support the family. Although I want my work to have value and recognition.
I am ever thankful for my friend Kristy who a little while ago helped me make a decision about what direction I wanted to take, since then my creativity has grown and my mind is brimming with ideas. I have been working on what I know the best, that is bookbinding and adding in my new love of mixed media collage.
I have some new books on the way from Amazon, one is the new Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle http://
I am not sure if I did that right, how do you make a word underlined that is a link to somewhere?? I wish I had someone that could show me how instead of the hard time I have trying to work it out. At least I have some time to spend doing it which I hadn't had before.
I am off to ponder on some New Year resolutions.

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