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Sunday, January 9, 2011

lost without my studio

spine of star book

star book

Our container has been delayed by one week, I am so lost without my studio.  I can't believe I had the creative block I had last year where I couldn't do anything.  I have been window shopping in my new hood.  Looking out for art and craft supplies.  I am surprised at the range at The Warehouse....things like big packs of artists brushes and canvases and lovely bead supplies.  I have a few art books to read and the Internet to surf but my hands are itchy.  Ooh I just had an idea, maybe I could get an artists pad and some pencils and practice drawing, its not something I usually do because I like to assemble and haven't had the patience to practice but with time and a minimum of supplies.  I think what I miss most is my pastels, getting my fingers dirty with smudging oils.  I almost feel sad not being with my stuff.

Its another beautiful perfect day in Auckland, not too hot and not too cold so we are taking the kids to the park.

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